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What should you do with your Blumont shares?

24 May 2014

Channel NewsAsia - Money Mind - Kevin Scully, Riverstone, JEP

13 October 2013

Kevin Scully discusses the challenges facing SGX-listed manufacturing firms and which ones offers opportunities for growth. Manufacturing companies in focus include Riverstone Holdings and JEP Holdings.

The Wall Street Journal - Blumont, Asiasons, LionGold Plunge in Singapore

07 October 2013

Kevin Scully gives his view on the recent plunge of Blumont, Asiasons and LionGold.


Yahoo Finance - Are Singapore home prices about to ease, finally?

28 August 2013

Kevin Scully talks about the recent round of cooling measures targeting the public housing market.


Lim & Tan Investment Seminar

18 May 2012

Seminar sponsored by Lim & Tan at NTUC Centre. Kevin presents on investment strategies for 2012 in the Singapore market.

Question and Answer segment in second half of video clip.

Channel News Asia Interview with Kevin Scully

17 May 2012

Kevin discusses about the current sentiment, Greece’s exit from the Euro Zone and insights into local stocks.

Channel News Asia interview with Kevin scully

03 May 2012

Invest Fair 2012 - Market Outlook

07 April 2012

Invest Fair 2012, 7-6 April 2012 at Suntec Singapore

Panel discussion on market outlook for 2012 with Kathy Lien (GFT Markets), Kevin Scully (NRA Capital), Terence Wong (DMG) and Wong Sui Jau (Fundsupermart).

Opportunity calls - corporate earnings/guidance must support recent price gains for rally to continue

22 June 2009

CNBC Video - Time to switch to defensive laggards as rally looks stretched

06 May 2009

Investors should not be buying cyclicals now. But if you hold cyclicals, take profits, suggests Kevin Scully, executive chairman at NRA Capital. He tells CNBC's Chloe Cho why, and where he is putting his money instead.

CNBC Video-Markets to give back recent gains, will test the old lows

07 April 2009

The worst is still some way down for the financials, so the market may take another big dive, warns Kevin Scully, MD at NRA Capital. He tells CNBC's Chloe Cho why he thinks the changes to mark-to-market accounting rules won't help.

Channel News Asia - First Quarter 2009 Singapore market review

31 March 2009

Market outlook for 2009. Most analysts view recent rally as unsustainable. Kevin discusses about Q1 corporate guidance earning and what to expect later in Q3.

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CNBC Video-Guard Against More Market Downside

26 January 2009

There could be more downside to the markets, warns Kevin Scully, managing director at NRA Capital. Besides advising investors to hold onto cash, he tells CNBC's Chloe Cho what other asset classes look attractive to him.

Channel News Asia-China Healthcare interview with Kevin Scully

11 November 2008

Excerpt from CNA documentary about China Healthcare Limited.

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Channel News Asia-Global efforts by central banks to ease recession fears

30 October 2008

Kevin talks about the recent FED moves, US third quarter performance, and the US dollar credit swap arrangements with Singapore.

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938 Live Phone Interview

14 April 2008

Asian stocks took a tumble today following Wall Street's 200-point decline on Friday, which was led by disappointing earnings results from conglomerate General Electric. Director of Netresearch Asia, Koh Bee Ann, told 938LIVE's Bharati Jagdish that GE's poor first quarter performance is likely to affect investor confidence here as well.

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Channel News Asia TV Interview

10 April 2008

Global equity markets with Kevin Scully

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938 Live Panel Discussion (MediaCorp Radio)

13 February 2008

Concerns surrounding the world markets and impact it could have on Asian economies.

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