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TeleChoice International Limited - 2Q18 results update(Image)

TeleChoice International Limited - 2Q18 results update

Expands service offerings with new Huawei Concept Stores

We expect TeleChoice to perform better in 2H18 as compared to 1H18.

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TeleChoice International Limited - 2Q18 results update
Expands service offerings with new Huawei Concept Stores
27 August 2018
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More M&A/JVs to Follow
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New smartphone models to spur handset upgrades
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Potential projects support outlook amid headwinds.
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Profits dragged by poor ICT performance.
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Looking for stronger 2nd half earnings
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Bagging more public sector projects
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Maintaining good dividend
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ICT fine in 3Q but dragged by PCS
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ICT is the potential key driver
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Back to growth
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Foot in the door
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Good, but not great
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The wait 4 the next Galaxy has arrived
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ICT business expected to go back on-track
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Smartphone battling still on
20 November 2012
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Not half bad
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Preparing the way
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Can Microsoft windows 8 phone catch up?
08 March 2012
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Still expecting good yields
16 November 2011
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Disappointing results, but yield is still attractive
22 August 2011
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Strong free cash flow
18 May 2011
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Slow but steady
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M&A to drive growth
18 November 2010
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Still offers attractive yield
24 August 2010
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Smartphones riding the wave
18 May 2010
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Attractive yield as expected
02 March 2010
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Attractive yield expected
12 November 2009
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Riding on the smart phone cycle
12 August 2009
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Worst could be over, but no signs of recovery yet
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Strong Showing from the PCS segment
20 May 2008
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Better than expected results from the PCS segment
05 March 2008
Telechoice International-Results Update
Telechoice International – No positive surprises
27 November 2007
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Expect a Challenging 2H07 ahead
13 August 2007
Telechoice International-Company Update
Breaking into the PRC market with Fortune Telecom
18 June 2007
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Lackluster performance especially from the telecommunications segment
15 May 2007

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